9News Revisited

I decided to check on whether 9News fixed the errors in their Thanksgiving article. I discovered that the spelling of the word "tongue" has been corrected, but not either of the other errors that were noted. I had commented directly on the article and pointed out all three errors, so they should be aware of them. There were several other comments regarding the errors as well. The aggravating thing, though, is that rather than just fix the errors and move past it, 9News decided to disable commenting on this article. Rather than people that First Amendment right (the right that the media is always complaining they don't get enough of), they removed our right to the freedom of speech to save face. Are they hiding? Embarrassed? Annoyed? They should at least address the issue, not disable comments and ignore the problem altogether.

A Royal Problem

While reading on the Apostrophe Catastrophes site, I was intrigued by the linked article about Prince Charles and his fight against bad grammar. While I think his intentions are quite noble, the author of the article apparently overlooked his own basic grammar skills and added an "s" to the caption under the picture. Where have all the editors gone?

About Ren

I have finally become so incensed by poor writing in the media that I've decided to create a blog detailing the errors that I find. Perhaps journalists will think about proofreading their work if they don't want to find themselves on here. If you see any examples, please e-mail them to me at r.tauman [at] gmail.com.

I don't expect the average person to be able to write well, but those who write for the public should at least know what they are doing.