Denver's First What?

It is a strange event, combined with an even stranger article about it. The last sentence of the first paragraph isn't complete. It just stops. I even checked the page source to make sure that the word wasn't misplaced in the layout and I was just overlooking it. As you can see in the highlighted line in the source image, that's the entire paragraph. Where have all the editors gone? All it would have taken was for anyone to read it over once before publishing it. At least the apostrophes all seem to be in the correct locations in this article. But it would sure be nice to see an error-free article at some point in time. That's probably just wishful thinking, though.

Also, what is this "PJ Day" thing all about? Is it going to make employees look more professional? Is it an attempt to throw some silly fun into an otherwise dull business day? I always hated such events when I was in school and I refused to participate in them. My school peers were not always my friends, so I didn't see the point in "playing" with them. My co-workers are not my friends, and I fail to see the business need for such an event. I think if I saw my boss come into work in his pajamas, I would go home. Not that I don't like him, it's just that if he feels the need to not be professional, I will feel the need to not be there. Just my two cents, there. Overall, a very weird event.


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Carlos said... March 10, 2009 at 3:53 PM

Did you give up blogging for Lent? ;-)

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